• 3 Reasons why Peacefield Farm may work for you

    1. Eat better produce at lower cost:
    – Peacefield produce has a higher nutrient (Brix) level
    – Better taste
    – Eat freshly picked food
    – Improve diet (we provide a Peacefield Cookbook)
    – Pay approx. 1/3 less than normal store cost
    – Pesticide free
    – Save money by hedging against inflation and gas hikes

    2. Support locally grown food:
    – Help Cedar City become more self-reliant, especially in case of need (i.e. natural disaster, economic downturn, etc.)
    – Cut down on the gas it takes to transport food
    – Offset diseases which are often increased by time in transport

    3. Be part of the PFF community:
    – Teach your children to work in the peaceful atmosphere of the farm
    – Participate in Peacefield seminars and events

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