• What is a mini-share?

    • A one time purchase of a basket of produce

    Mini-share price?

    • $10 weekly (+ one-time $2 for mini-share bag)

    How much is included?

    • Feeds 2-3 people, quantity varies based on what is ready for harvest
    • The average quantity of a mini-share will be about ¼ bushel
    • We also try to make each mini-share cost less than the store—30% less

    When do I pick up first delivery?

    • We anticipate our first baskets will be ready in the latter part of May. If you sign up for the “Notify Me” list we will let you know.

    How do I get on the list?

    • Sign up below

    How do I pay for my basket?

    • Payment is due when you pick up your basket. You may also pay ahead using our paypal button below


    How do I share this with friends?

    • Send them an email
    • Share with Cedar City Facebook friends

    Where do I pick-up my share?

    • At the farm TBA location (Call for more info 865;7540)

    Can I just show up?

    • Mini-shares availability is based on that weeks harvest, so you are not guaranteed a basket if you just show up.

    Why PFF?

    • Same-day fresh, nutrient-rich, pesticide-free produce that costs-less
    • A great farm community: Share holders get to come out to the farm and help with planting, weeding and harvesting. You can also attend seminars, events, etc.
    • Smart way to do things; less gas use, hedge against inflation, keep $ in local economy, increase sustainability and preparedness
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