• Cedar City Bi-monthly Seminars

    Topics: (TBA)   Current possible options include:

    1.) Preparedness: The 4 You-gotta’s
    2.) Community Building and history of it
    3.) Dating
    4.) Personal database etiquette and what it can do for your life
    5.) “Etiquette: for tots, teens, tweens and tanks”
    6.) Gardening: 13 to-dos and a few uh-uh’s
    7.) The CSA, Future and trends
    8.) Pandemic: Removing the HYPE
    9.) Crisis: inflation, investments and what’s on the horizon
    10.) The Family
    11.) Cycles: personal, seasonal and national
    12.) International update
    13.) John and Abigail Adams Academy and the future of education
    14.) Simple and cheap health solutions

    Bring a 2-Day Seminar to your area

    Schedule the 2-day seminar Our Ground, Our Food” in-person or live-online by calling Allen or Martha at Peacefield Farm 435 865 7540

    Our Ground, Our Food” (Customize)

    – The 9 Reasons to start or join a CSA
    – 13 Key Methods: Making a CSA sing
    – Gardening: The best of John Kunz, Dr. Mittleider, Dr. Reams and Dr. Albrecht

    For additional seminars visit www.STORIfoundation.org

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